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My name is Tori and I have been doing photography for about 5 years now! Ever since I got my first camera for Christmas in 2017 I have been so eager to get better and better to get to where I am today with photography. My love for photography has grown the most over my high school years! Taking photography at my school really brought me out of my comfort zone and taught me some really cool things that I wouldn't be able to teach myself. I am based out of Gilbert, Arizona, but I often take clients from basically all over Arizona and beyond! I absolutely love to travel, so I am willing to practically go wherever! I strive to provide high quality photos capturing special moments at an affordable price!

Here is a little more about me and my personality! I am a very bubbly and outgoing person! I am also a very adventurous person! My hobbies other than photography include anything outdoors. I love going snowboarding in the winter and wake surfing at the lake in the summer! Going camping and hiking is always fun- especially when the weather is nice.

OOOO I am a HUGE coffee lover!!

I also LOVE going out to the sand dunes with my family. Lastly, on my downtime I like to paint, though I am not very good at it but it's something I love to do!

not too long ago,

I had the honor of having

an article written about me!

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Tori <3

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